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29 вересня 2020

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26.04.2018 19:31
Автор: Mykola Makhnenko, master, Kyiv, Ukraine
[Секція 9. Економічна наука та освіта]

The first concept in all textbooks and scientific works at the study of the object "Economy" for any beginner which is studing and investigating this object and is meets it at once as determination, what is "economy". Adhering to this logic, we will be determined, that an economy is the form of state policy. The known scientists the economistes are the supporters of such point of view. At the further study of the extended concept and of properties of the «economy» the researcheres and economists come near explanation of origin of the first signs of economy, as is such in of economic activity of man.

Is presenting in more detail, by way of example, an explanation of excellence with the right application of economic laws in a developed society and at people in of comparing with the backward society under of not properly and poster of the application of economic laws, that characterizes a necessity for continuation of study of economic theories.

Americans K. Rogoff, K. Reinhart and Italians A. Alesina, S. Ardanew economists they had said their point of view on the issue of interaction and influence economics and politics. The famous German philosopher and economist Frederick List which by saw for a new economic policy of a sovereign state. M.Ziber, S. Padalinski, E. Slutsky they had A significant impact on the economic thought in Ukraine. Thinking about the assertion that economics influences politics, and it politics is been  an expression of the economy, which has been used of as the formation approach, and what it not had allowed by to fully disclose their complex interaction.

The meaning of the thesises is concluded in the next - in brief form of to consider the application of economic laws in the economic life of the state, and which appear of at harmony with the laws of politics and as a result of this use of are transfering the people in to of sphere of free business and the construction of the capitalist state.

Harmony off political and of economic interaction of laws and jointly with the citizens of democratic self-government of country as are sensors of management of socio-economic development of the state, allows to create comfortable conditions for conducting economic policies.

For the last centuries of old history of economic activity of the man and separate states and peoples, have been popularised many economic theories and economic laws for perfection of development of a socio-economic level of a population.

The economic theories forgotten by a history and обойденные by attention of the economists propagandizing realization of the laws according to the requirements of the appropriate period of time, become topical and acceptable at modern conditions of development of state economy and the give the basises for construction of new economic politics.

Sometimes to the theoretical designs of economists of the past centuries, of give a new impetus and a new life. Already consigned to oblivion the theories that caused controversy among his contemporaries and a discussion at the international level, is considered again. Supporters of is pushing for the priority position of their ideas based on scientific views of economic theories and laws related to the accepted by the laws norms of those time, were subjected to the collapse of the others ideas of the economic policy.

The practice of applying economic theories and laws, for the successful conduct of business of the state, generates the following notion the political economy. Namely it forms the basis for the economic structure and improving of the application of the laws of the national economy of the state.

Interaction of policy and the national policy of the state shows that they in of the intimate at the formes interact with each other and have a direct impact on each other. The dependence of the economy and politics affect the state and national security. If the policy by with it by the aspiration to management by the state is complementing the economy, with its desire to strengthen the order and conduct of the management of economic policy, then is appearing is unity in direction in increase of the socio-economic standard of living.

In the further the national economy forms the economic structure of the state and is establishing a stable domestic and external economic policy of the state. The state has always played an important role in development of the economics. Political and economic spheres of society are inextricably linked and represent the interaction of the state, society and the person, however, in the critical periods of development of the state economy reform processes entail significant changes in the political sphere.

Since 1991, the Poland's economy made powerful jerk and has received a great strides, and of in all just in a few years the Poland has reached of the level of economy comparable to with the economy of such powerful countries like Germany or France. To this have promoted is several factors, in particular, by of thought out policy development at various economic sectors, and feasible for business and of individuals taxes, and as well for the gradual implementation of strategic plans in each sector. All this together has given surprising results. Poland's GDP keeps a positive trend for the past 23 years.[Fig. 1.The diagram].

Such high social indicators, available at the State is now at the many ways is the merit of the local authorities. Since there is currently effective protection of all human rights. The state is controlling all of the import, export, and of the refund from the tax from added value and all the taxes. All this, naturally, creates favorable conditions for economic development in the different sectors and an increase of welfare of the people.

Policy purpose is not only in this to be an instrument for the implementation of various of social and of class of interests, but also perform the function of regulating and establishing the order of social processes and relationships, of the conditions for social and material of the production, and collaborative the labour.

Economy a historically specific set of socio-productive relations, implemented in strategic correct application of economic laws in the interests of national state policy.

By been defined element of state governance by with of the side of the laws of economics are appear the optimal relations of ownership on the means of the production and from their dependent status and attitudes of people in the process, profit-oriented growth and economic development.

Fig.1.The diagram GDP of Poland 1986-2017.  (poland1.top).*

*GDP (PBP) on soul of the population. GDP (the total internal product) on soul of the population at par buying powers (PBP) is the characteristic determining a level of economic development, and also growth of economy.


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